My Pup Lives in My Phone

By Richard Sun

My pup lives in my phone.

He is a Siberian Husky with 

The blue ice of the eye. 

Like the gaze of Dmitri 

Or the whispers in deep Russian tongue. 

I call his name when FaceTime, 

He searched my voice in fluster.

Big wet nose sniffing the phone, 

Responding to my whistles. 

I named him Sirius like the 

Brightest star in the night sky, 

As well as the pad foot with pride. 

There is another black dog

That follows me everywhere

Neither bark nor whine.

My friends can’t see him because 

He rests and nourishes in my shadow. 

I asked Chris, say please help me,

He’s got my tongue and throat 

Chris did not respond and I don’t want to blame 

I took him on a walk under the sun, 

He neither plays nor pants, 

Simply just sits and waits for the night to come. 

He sleeps on my chest, 

Snores in my ear,

Tells me the same story over and over

Yet again.

The dark dirty room 


Mirrors with dots 

Tiled floor freshly mopped. 

He grabbed me by the throat

Tighten until I choke 

I remembered his scorpion tattoo 

And tiles are cold and slippy.

He closed the door behind him, 

I wiped the blood trails on my thighs.

That’s when the iron smell of blood 

Alerted the hunter of the night.

He sat down quietly in front of me

Tail curved like a scimitar.

I am not afraid anymore 

I am used to his presence.

But I remember when I found Sirius 

On the street on a winter morning,

His cold, wet nose touched my palm

Like an ice chip melting in my hand.

He is my pride 

Like the brightest star of the night. 

With sharp canine teeth and growl

With whiskers and big paws.

He guards by my bed at night,

Breathe sharp and light 

In his dream he must be 

Running through a meadow 

Jumping in the snow. 

He is also my warrior 

With his sharp canine teeth and growl 

With his whiskers and big paws.

He came back to me after a day’s joy,

Resting his weary head on my knee 

Like a wayward son.

Somewhere half a world away

He is waking up, nibbling grandpa’s ankle,

Waiting for his breakfast impatiently 

And his teeth and paws 

Eyes and whiskers 

Will have a new day.

My warrior and my pride, 

My guard of the night. 

He sneezes under the sun, 

He lives in my phone.

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